At the June 2024 Circle Meeting, Abigail Martin from St Chad Sanctuary, was presented to received the fundraising effort from North Warwickshire Circle which total £2,200.00. Abigail Martin, thank most graciously the effort which North Warwickshire made during Harold Hands year as President. Abigail said St Chad Sanctuary has won an award, however it has also been a painful year of working on St Chad’s weakness and come out more aware. However as a bonus of their work, Abigail has been invited by Franciscan International to visit Geneva, and address the United Nations in Geneva, on their work, and the refugee policy in the United Kingdom at present. During her talk Abigail gave some statistics during 2022 1,800 registered with St Chad Sanctuary and made over 4,500 visits from 60 countries, however in 2023 2,300 people registered with St Chad for 5,000 visits and came from 66 countries worldwide, which has meant its work today is busy.

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