Sutton Coldfield Circle at its February meeting held on Monday 13th February at Moor Hall Hotel, Sutton Coldfield  were pleased to welcome Professor Jonathan Berg who gave a presentation on his latest book about Birmingham – Invention and Design –Elkington of Birmingham. Jonathan is no stranger in writing books about Birmingham illustrated with his own photographs. He has published five editions of his book – Positively Birmingham exploring the modern city in texts and images.  He captivated brothers and ladies with his presentation after dinner of his latest book in which describes the history of Elkington of Birmingham  with the company’s invention  of electroplating and electrotyping techniques  which could be applied to a range of items from candle sticks to cutlery.  Examples of which Jonathan illustrated with his talk.  Many copies of his book were purchased on the night the proceeds of which will go the ‘ Sifa Fireside’  charity based in Birmingham  which  enables inclusion, engagement and equal access to services for those individuals who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Pictured on the left of Jonathan is Brother Joe O’Meara chair for the evening with both holding an example of electroplating and a copy of the book.

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