200 Club: April & May 2019

200 Club: April & May 2019

Province 6 runs a 200 Club to raise money for the Bursary Fund.

The April winners were:

£70 Brother John Neale (Vale of Evesham)

£45 Brother John Barley (Stourbridge)

£30 Brother Gerry Higginbotham (City of Coventry)

£20 Stoke Circle

And the May winners were:

£70 Brother Alf Dineen (Sutton Coldfield)

£45 Brother Bernard O’Keefe (Vale of Evesham)

£30 Brother Rory O’Donnell (Streetly)

£20 Brother Fred Kettell (Sutton Coldfield)

About the 200 Club

About the 200 Club

Province 6’s 200 Club was formed just over 40 years ago and has about 250 members — it’s an Irish 200 club! It’s only purpose is to support the Bursary Fund which provides financial support to young Catholics who are performing various charitable good works worldwide such as teaching English or helping to build schools, toilet blocks and hospitals in deprived areas of the world. They also help with the sick at Lourdes. Our support helps them to see how other societies live and maybe appreciate how lucky they are. It might even open up a career they had not thought about.

What does it cost to join the 200 Club? Just £12 a year, payable by standing order. Of your £12, apart from a little for postage, roughly half goes to the Bursary and the other half in prizes. We award four prizes each month: £70, £45, £30 and £20. (Prizes will increase if the number of members increases.)

To join, contact Brother Denis Heaney, City of Lichfield Circle.