30 Jan 2024


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7:15 pm



Stafford meeting and dinner

Stafford circle meetings are called to order at 7:15pm with Brothers, friends and guests enjoying a silver service three course dinner being served at 8pm so ensuring we do not stray too late into the night.

The Moat House hotel with more than adequate free parking for all; lies between the Stafford and Worchester canal and its picture-perfect lake less than a mile from Junction 13 of the M6.

Several of our ladies dine separately in one of the hotel’s other restaurants gathering with a drink of their choice in a beautifully appointed library complete with relaxing leather armchairs.   A full cloakroom is provided to house warm winter coats as needs arise.   Summer evenings tempt many onto the lakeside admiring the gardens and feeding the ducks.

Wine is available at a discount. Just ask for “The Catenian Wine”