Brothers and guests initiatives were severely tested at Sutton Coldfield’s April meeting when after dinner all were invited to participate in a game of  GENGA . The name comes from the Swahili word “kujenga” which means ‘to build or construct’. Players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. Each block removed is then placed on top of the tower, creating a progressively more unstable structure. The game ends when the tower falls over. This task of course put all to the test each skilfully removing a block and hopefully at the same time not demolishing the tower. After numerous attempts, including a successful removal by Brother President Tony Walsh (pictured)   the tower remained in place but unfortunately after a brother, who will be nameless but a retired civil engineer removed a block and the inevitable happened – it all ended up landing in a heap. A most entertaining evening. The circle welcomed Brother Joe Martin of Leamington Spa Circle making his final visit in his role as Provincial President , Father Ryan Service, Assistant Priest – Holy Trinity Sutton Coldfield and Ann Edwards a Holy Trinity parishioner

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