Sutton Coldfield Circle held its June meeting   on a warm pleasant summer’s evening at its usual venue Moor Hall Hotel.  The circle is becoming known throughout the Province  for its  interesting and innovative after circle meeting activities and the June meeting was no exception.  For the  after circle meeting  it was suggested that we should learn about our fellow brothers  and therefore before the meeting  brothers were asked to complete a form.  Questions ranged from What is your worst nightmare , Who is your favourite comedian. What is your best ‘compliment ‘ you give to your wife to What was your worst experience. After dinner, at which were joined by our ladies,  the completed questionnaires were distributed fairly  to the various tables  and a spokesman on each table read out the answers with all present  having to identify the brother concerned. Indeed there were some surprises . A most enjoyable and light hearted evening. The circle was pleased  to welcome Brother Provincial President Joe Martin and his wife Pam  of Leamington Spa Circle , Brother Director and Provincial Membership Officer David Prescott of Kenilworth Circle , Brother President Martin Jackson of Streetly Circle  and Brother Kris Pears of Hinckley Circle.

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