Established in 1972, 26th April was the red letter day for Malvern Circle to celebrate its 50th anniversary by holding a dinner for Brothers, ladies and guests at the Bank House Hotel and Spa in Bransford, Worcestershire, just outside the town. Visitors present came from the wider Province and neighbouring Province 12. The event included listening to speakers including Mgr. Tim Menezes, Dean of St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham who said some beautiful graces before and after the meal and a toast to Malvern Circle proposed by Brother Director of Province 6, John Minister. Newly installed Circle President Roger Watson responded to the toast. A further toast to the visitors was proposed by Brother John Duddington, a former Circle President, whose father was also a former Brother of the Circle. The Circle also welcomed Canon Brian McGinley of St George’s Church, Worcester and Father Naz Mgungwe of St Joseph’s Parish in Malvern.

During his speech, Brother Director referred to a claim to TV fame for Malvern Brother John Clark, who was featured in the BBC TV series Great Railway Journeys when he was interviewed by presenter Michael Portillo who was ‘taking the waters’ in the Malvern Hills. There was much amusement and earnest conversation during the evening whilst volumes picturing the history of the Circle from its inception up to the present day, including a written history provided by Brother John Duddington, were passed round.

Whilst awaiting the commencement of the dinner, the ladies in attendance were able to enjoy a picture quiz featuring ‘ladies in history’ and the facilities of the bar. A raffle raised £170 towards the President’s charity this year – the local Malvern Food Bank. Mementos of the occasion were distributed including chocolates for the ladies and a souvenir Morgan car factory bottle opener for the Brothers present.

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