The new Province 6 website launches today! If you have been using the previous version you may need to update your links, but hopefully you have arrived here without any problems. The new site is at (that’s all you need to type in)

The site is by no means complete yet: some of the old content had to go because of GDPR and some because the new site is a public one, but there is lots of new content in the pipeline. Your ideas are always welcome too — just use the site’s contact form to send me your suggestions for new pages or other content. Perhaps the best feature of the new site is that it is not all down to the webmaster! Very soon, every Catenian Circle in Province 6 will be able to contribute its own news, stories, photos, videos, etc. I shall post a simple ‘How To’ video on here over the weekend, so look out for that and start thinking about your first posts.

UPDATE: Sorry about the non-appearance of the ‘How To’ video: I am re-building the Circle pages so as to make them simpler to keep up-to-date. Once that’s finished I will upload the video.

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