North Warwickshire Circle celebrated its annual Irish Night after their Zoom Circle meeting on 8th March. Brothers Jim Tomlinson and Vice President Vince Jordan put together a programme of entertainment which included renditions of Irish songs from Jim himself, Mike Feery and John O’Brien, who also accompanied himself on the guitar, as well as a video of Irish dancing which had been performed outside in San Fransisco.

To cap the evening off in superb style, Ellie Ajao provided sparkling violin recitals of a number of Irish songs and jigs, mostly solo but in some she was supported by a violinist friend. And the finale was ‘Danny Boy’ – what else!  Ellie is the exceptionally talented granddaughter of Jo Morton and our late Brother Kit Morton, so the emphasis was definitely on ‘home grown’ talent.  All eyes, whether Irish or not, were certainly smiling by the end of the evening!

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