Many of us associate the year 1812 with the Overture which was commissioned to commemorate Russia’s deference against Napoleon’s armies in 1812.However the year has another significance – The War of 1812. This was the subject presented by Steve Lewis of the local branch the U3A to Sutton Coldfield Circle at its meeting on Monday 13th November. Steve gave a very detailed  and informative presentation of how the war was fought by the United  States and its indigenous allies against the United Kingdom and its own indigenous allies in British North America  with limited participation by Spain in Florida . The basis of the war between 1812 and 1815 was over national honour, neutral maritime rights , British seizure of neutral ships and their cargoes on the high seas. Various battles took places  some large and some small. A very interesting and informative evening on a subject that is little known about. The circle was pleased to welcome visiting gentlemen Tom Williams . Prior to the circle meeting the annual Mass for the deceased brothers and wives of the circle was held at Holy Trinity , Sutton Coldfield and the circle was also delighted to welcome the two celebrants – Fathers Ryan Service and David Lacy.

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