The Redditch Catenians and families visited the BBC studios in The Birmingham Mailbox on Saturday 24th August. We enjoyed a very interesting tour of the studios, which included Midlands Today, BBC radio and the famous and fascinating studio where The Archers are recorded. It was a really good experience to see behind the scenes, and indeed the ‘red sofa’ for real. The Archers studio was of particular interest, telling us how the listeners are very quick to contact them, if they got something wrong, like the incorrect sound effect. They are celebrating their 70th year, which I believe is a record breaker. We finished by performing our own episode of The Archers, unfortunately they were not interested in taking our details for future work. Bob Conner had an interview some years ago, but sadly did not get accepted, because he rustled his script! Some of us then enjoyed a lovely lunch at The Cafe Rouge, overlooking the canal, before returning home some by car and some by train, a great day, enjoyed by us all.Thanks to our VP Bro Nicholas who took all the pictures, which of course is why he isn’t on any of them!

Archer fans are in for a big supprise                             Selecting the next news reader

Welcome to the BBC

Sean is in control. Beam me up quick Scotty                Welcome to the BBC

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