With the permission and endorsement of the school Head, Malvern Circle has embarked upon a kind of publicity exercise which involves members of the Circle and/or their wives giving short talks at the local (St Joseph’s) Primary School on the topic of their profession or job experiences or points of interest to the younger generation in working life. So far we have covered careers in medicine, the law, engineering, music, tourism and languages and so on. This programme of talks was introduced by Past President John Duddington. It is hoped that the talks will be of interest to parents also and thereby help to spread the word about who the Catenians are and what they do. In addition to this programme of career talks the Circle has endorsed prizes awarded to the scholars who have shown improvement in various fields throughout the school term. It is hoped these prizes will entice young people to read more about their favourite subjects. Don’t miss next month’s news which will we hope show our Provincial President talking to the youngsters about careers in horticulture. All interested Brothers are welcome to join us in this exciting venture and thereby help to spread the Catenian message. You may wish to involve a school in your area?

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