Sutton Coldfield Circle for its March after circle meeting  held a University Challenge type quiz. Organised by Brother Vice President  Peter Westbrook four teams were faced with a range of 35 questions of the standard associated with the television programme. Questions, some of which were multi choice,  posed to the teams ranged from the real name of the novelist George Elliot  to the U.K’s smallest bird. Brothers certainly had to give much thought to the answers. However the event was very entertaining and certainly tested brothers knowledge on a wide range of subjects. The winning team( pictured with Brother Vice President Peter Westbrook standing)  were  certainly helped with the presence and wide knowledge of Bother Provincial President Andrew Bodger of the City of Lichfield Circle. The circle also welcomed visitors from  the City of Birmingham Circle No 64  led by Brother President John Mc Donald together with Brothers John Snape, Peter Towers and Tim Ryan and also visiting gentlemen  Mark Anson and Silvano Bisconti

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