The week beginning 20th March at St. Joseph’s Primary School in Malvern, the Circle brothers and wives were asked if they would help with encouraging the students to think about their future careers through a series of talks or workshops. Calling on their own experiences and areas of expertise, several members went to the school to interact with the children. Topics covered included gardening, construction and journalism.

Pictured are former Science teacher Diane Walsh giving a demonstration and talk

about being a professional gardener, whilst husband Mike, a former Construction Company Director, chatted to the students about working in construction.

Later in the week, Anne and Michael Peden and Vince and Fiona Conway enacted a short play entitled ‘The Gift’ so that students could practise writing a newspaper article about the story which they had just witnessed. Fiona, a former BBC radio journalist and writer¬† wrote the play and spoke to the students about how a good article should be written and what to include.

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